Orthopedics’ Mini Revolution

By Thomas Crocker
Monday, November 29, 2021

It’s a boom time for small orthopedic devices.

New orthopedic implants and other miniature devices are poised to transform orthopedic surgery. Here’s a look at four of these exciting small gadgets.

ApiFix Spinal Implant

Developed by its namesake company, the ApiFix system is a spine straightening solution for certain patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis — and an alternative to bracing and spinal fusion. The unique design of the ApiFix self-adjusting metal rod allows for enhanced range of motion compared with spinal fusion, and implantation is less invasive.­

ClearFit Cranial Implant

ClearFit by Longeviti allows surgeons to reconstruct the cranium following brain surgery using implants custom-made for each patient. Designed using CT scans of the patient’s cranium and produced via 3D printing, ClearFit implants are transparent, permitting observation of underlying anatomy and postoperative ultrasound imaging while restoring the skull’s natural shape.

Persona IQ Smart Knee Implant

The Persona IQ knee implant by Zimmer Biomet is equipped with a sensor that collects and transmits kinematic data, such as range of motion, stride length and cadence, for surgeons and patients to review online in real time. This encourages patients to comply with rehabilitation instructions and enables early identification of problems.

SacroFuse Fusion Device

Developed by Sacrix, SacroFuse is a screw-like device for stabilization and fusion of the sacroiliac joint. Inserted via a percutaneous, two-step procedure, SacroFuse features fusion channels designed to enhance the device’s integration with surrounding bone.